About Our Company


The QCSOLVER SYSTEM is a fully accessible cloud based software and service designed to assist clients and contractors in managing pre-qualifications and performance. 

Working directly with clients, QCSolver allows for better monitoring of vendors, freeing up both time and expense. Our in-depth knowledge of what is important when managing and evaluating vendors can help your business reduce costs and mitigate risks.

With our extensive knowledge of supply chain and vendor management we are dedicated to tackling interesting projects that provide our clients with creative supply chain / purchasing / performance management software solutions. QCSolver will work with you to review and determine the best package for your organization.


QCsolver Offerings

Standardising the way your company manages vendors in the procurement process we can also simplify the way you locate and control data. Organisations that are included in our database will also allow for proper benchmarking when dealing with vendor performance, document management and reporting.

Our flexible time frame during start-up allows for complete customization, providing a comprehensive solution for all operational needs.

QCsolver Modules

Vendor Performance Management

Vendor performance management and evaluation is a key factor in any smooth business relationship yet it is also one of the most effective investments a company can make.

It’s often a time consuming, paper-heavy and inconsistent venture that is put on the sidelines in the day-to-day working environment. QCSolver’s headlining services are currently used by both the private and public sectors to conduct, consolidate and compare vendor performance evaluations. QCsolver is providing electronic evaluations, with automatic result calculations that can be consolidated to allow for proper benchmarking.

QCsolver Vendor Performance Management